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Kendall Terra

Have we heard the word influencer, or Meta enough?...nope. May as well have some- UGC... I meant fun.

Jack of all trades, master of fun. I grew up playing soccer in Massachusetts, studying environmental science, practicing analog photography and adventuring as often as possible. I love pine trees, camping, snowboarding and anything outdoors. In university, I studied cinematography, design, storytelling and advertising at Savannah College of Art and Design. I've backpacked all over Asia, Indo, NZ & Australia. I've chased 'The North Face' athletes overseas with Red Cameras, shot work for Salomon and Hydroflask - which have garnered well over 1 million views - worked on A-list commercial sets in Los Angeles (in case you were wondering, Jamie Foxx sang almost as much as he acted), and have been a freelance designer and digital creator - signed by Adolescent Content. I now work within a marketing team at an organic luxury sun-care company called COOLA - in a sleepy California beach town. 

At work I am a producer: managing budgets, agency partners, location scouting, permitting, licensing, contracting and finding talent + crew.


I'm also a full-fledged content creator - skilled in DaVinci Resolve as an editor, and colorist, fluent in the whole Adobe Creative Suite, plus I have so much fun playing with music and sound design.


This all started with cameras. Cameras, at this point, are practically an extension of myself. I have my own gear kit and am fluent in all cinema and industry standard equipment.

When I'm not at work I am practicing yoga, road cycling back roads, reading, collecting vinyls, listening to DJ sets + DJing, studying interior design, baking, cooking, scheming my next road/ski trip, connecting with family and friends, skateboarding, & traveling overseas...dreaming of seeing the northern lights, and dreaming of Japanese lenses...

Feeling a little outdated for the marketing and ad industry?  I can help with that, and any of your other creative needs. 

Work Experience

Jul 2022 - Present

Nov 2020 - Oct 2022

Nov 2020 - Oct 2022


Video, Photo & Content Producer

Skills:  Film Production · Social Media Advertising (TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram) · Model & Product Photography/ Videography (Studio & On Location) · Motion Design/Animation · Graphic Design · Image Editing · Video Editing · Colorist · Management of Venders and Agencies

Adolescent Content

Represented, Commercial Director

Skills: Casting Diverse Talent, Producing with varying budgets, Social Media Advertising (TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram) · Film Production · Video Editing · Commercial Photography · Motion Design/Animation · Graphic Design ·


Graphic Designer, Cinematographer, Editor, Photographer

Skills: Long hours in front of the computer eating peanuts · Bidding on Projects and Creating Treatment Decks · Lighting · Cameras/Frame Rates · Commercial Photography · Cinematography · Advertising · Digital Designs · Graphic Design · Motion Design/Animation ·

Jun 2018 - Nov 2020

Camp4 Collective

Graphic Designer, Content Creator, Social Media Curator

Skills: Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo) · Graphic Design · Prepping Camera Gear for Business Travel · Animation · Editing · Cinematography ·


"Such a joy to work with Kendall. She quickly adapted to the different cameras we were using on set (35mm, C300, DJI Mavic) and was able to help us to source gear locally. Kendall is true creative at heart-- brimming with ideas, but seasoned enough to know when and where her input is most valuable. All that and a fantastic can-do attitude. 100% recommend!"

Hannah Marianetti, Producer, Netflix, Eat Pray Obey

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