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Love in Painted Canyons


Pibs Exchange



Love in a surreal landscape. Two women lovers escape society to embrace their love for the first time. Bliss in painted canyons. Emphasis on magical realism, funky, and fun fashion. 💖

It isn't a matter of choosing girls over boys. It's choosing happiness over society. #LGBTQ


About the Project:

Rachel and Avery are the two photographed in "Love in Painted Canyons".  


Finding love takes patience and effort. ☯️ 

Before anything else, I need to thank Rachel and Avery. They were friends of friends. And they trusted me to share their story. They are absolutely stunning models. The three of us camped, "We wouldn't want you to spend more than you have to," Rachel said. I am so appreciative.  ✨

Pibs Exchange in Salt Lake City, Utah supported the project by allowing me to dress Rachel and Avery in anything from the store. I spent two hours perusing the racks. Many of the accessories are from Pibs - and all the wardrobe is. Without Pibs Exchange's help, the project wouldn't have had the funky flare it does, which was my vision all along. 

A huge thank you to Ori Media. Michael Ori is a Salt Lake City photographer who generously let me use his lighting kit and Camera to capture "Love in Painted Canyons". As he handed me the gear kit, he said, "Now you have everything you need to succeed". Thank you, Michael.

I am hoping to do more photo shoots on love, and the varying ways one may stumble upon it. One day I'd like to put the images in a gallery.

I emphasize magical realism in my work.  It's something I resonate with. 🦄🦄🦄 Fantasy is beautiful.  


Final Thoughts:

Love has no bounds. Love is love. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-14 at 6.32.21 PM.png

-Kendall Terra